Partial discharge measuring instrument

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Partial Discharge Measuring Set
Bandwidth of Frequency: Narrow band:10kHz - 200kHz, Wide band:10kHz - 4MHz
Measuring Range: 1 - 100000pC
Generators, Motors, EV Motors, Transformers, Cables, Capacitors, Insulating materials, Power devices and High frequency equipment (Compact high frequency transformers)
Digital Partial Discharge Analyzer
Bandwidth of Frequency: LOW:20kHz - 400kHz, MID:400kHz - 4MHz, HIGH:4MHz - 40MHz
Measuring Range: 1 - 100000pC
Generators, Motors, EV Motors, HV Transformers, Cables, Coils, Capacitors, Bushings, Circuit Breakers and Switches
Partial Discharge Tester
Testing Voltage: 0 - 3000V (All-In-One UNIT)
Applicable to IEC 60270, IEC 60664-1, IEC 61730-2
Solar Battery panel back sheets, Photo-couplers, IGBT, EV Motors, Lithium Ion Battery, Relay, Circuit Boards, Wires, High Frequency Transformers and Insulation Materials
Partial Discharge Tester
Testing Voltage: 0 - 5000V (All-In-One UNIT)
Applicable to EN60747-5-5:2007
IGBT gate drive photo coupler, Pulse Transformers
Partial Discharge Measuring System
Maximum partial discharges (Qmax), PD Inception Voltage (PDIV), extinction voltage (PDEV)
Test Voltage: 0 - 5 kV (Max 30kV)
Test Frequency: 46Hz - 1kHz
IEC 60270, 60664-1
EV motors, IGBT, Solar Back sheets, Ceramic capacitors and Electrical insulation materials
Vacuum Discharge Tester
DAC-VD-1 can locate damages or defects like
scars and pinholes on stator coils and wires
Stator coils and wires

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